Vocational training

We train committed young people as a business manager for office management (m/f), as a specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f) or as a specialist for food technology (m/f). 

Business manager for office management (m/f)

The office clerk takes care of all business administration and organizational work. Office clerks are employed in the general administration or the secretariat, in the accounting department and HR. Common tasks are the preparation of the invoice, the cost control, the remuneration, the handling of the correspondence and the keeping of personal data. The applicant should have an organizational background, be able to communicate, speak the German language in spoken and written language, and already have first experience in dealing with modern office communication techniques.

Business manager for office management (m/f)

is a recognized apprenticeship. The training lasts three years and is completed like many other training courses in the dual system. It is thus divided into company and school education. Finely trained office clerks have the opportunity to acquire a higher commercial qualification by visiting secondary technical colleges.

Specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f)

The task force of the warehouse logistics specialist (m/f) includes inventory control, the creation of load lists and the handling of shipping and accompanying documents. In addition, more general and/or more abstract requirements are made for applicants, for example dealing with computer systems, knowledge of work safety and environmental protection. Through the re-organization of the professional image and the link with the commercial professions, the handling of bearing numbers and basic compulsory accounts are also expected. This is needed to check and control the efficiency and economy of the bearing. The training also takes place in the dual system. Further training opportunities after a successful final examination and, if necessary, professional practice are, for example, Certified Logistics Manager / Certified Logistics Manager or Technical Operator.

Specialist for food technology (m/f)

Experts for food technology provide various raw materials for automated or computer-controlled machines and systems, e.g. Nutrients, delicatessen or soft drinks. They are involved from the receipt of the raw material to the ready-packaged product at all processing stations. First, they take raw materials and semi-finished products and examine them. They then forward them to the warehouse or to processing. They ensure that necessary ingredients are provided; prepare them and set up machinery and equipment. According to established recipes, they enter ingredients into the plants and start production. They monitor all processes including the packaging of finished products. In the case of deviations or disturbances, they are immediately intercepted. They also regularly monitor the quality of their products.

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