loose goods



 Loose goods





From 25 cases to full lorry-loads,
30 l canister, marine freight containers, single 1,000-litre IBCs or full tankers.

Delivery worldwide on request

Different types of vodka,
from 37,5% by vol. up to 69,0% by vol.

Brandy, 36,0% by vol.
Cachaca  40,0 % by vol.
Blended Whisky
Different types of liqueur

Flavor distillates and extract of herbs - own manufactured:

star-anise distillate
gin distillate
    juniper distillate
    lemon distillate
    orange distillate
    caraway distillate
    extract of herbs 
    extract of bitter herbs
    extract of oaken wood







full tankers





IBC and canister